Brocade fabric wine x black color 44''wide BRO660[1]

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brocade~best quality~width 44"wide ~very pretty .very nice feel and finish, looks better than pictures,great for victorian gowns and much more,price per yard plus shipping  sold in a single continuous length,the tradition of bringing silk to life brocade weaving, especially with gold and silver, has been an age-old tradition in india. there are two broad classes of brocades. brocades of pure silk or silk and cotton blends and zari brocades with gold and silver threads. the most important material in brocade weaving is silk. it facilitates lovely weaves, is durable, strong, fine and smooth. there are several varieties of raw silk of which the chief ones used for brocades are tanduri, banaka and mukta. tanduri is imported from malda and other places in  bengal . banaka is thinner and finer variety and is mostly used to weave soft fabrics such as turbans and handkerchiefs.


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